A Practical Course in Fashion Design

Moulage, also known as draping, is a design technique that has been used since ancient times.  This method allows clothes to be created directly on the mannequin, aided by a few simple tools and some creativity.  Chapter after chapter the reader will be guided through the process of creating garments, starting from a simple sheath dress and then progressing to the most complicated outfits with draping.

Collars and pleats, bows and 3-D shapes are just some of the exercises in the book. The numerous photographs displayed throughout the book capture every single step to be performed, making it even easier to understand this technique.

Moulage allows the fashion designer, pattern-cutter, tailor or fashion enthusiast to give shape to their ideas, transposing them into patterns.  This young fashion designer, Danilo Attardi, is launching his debut publication in bookshops, with this first volume dedicated to Moulage.  The book can be ordered directly on the Ikon publishing house website, found in major bookstores such as Feltrinelli and Mondadori, or purchased on Amazon.

The book is available in four languages: Italian, English, French and Spanish.