What is Moulage?

Moulage, also known as Draping, is a manual technique, which sees the fabric ”sculpted” directly onto a tailor’s mannequin through manipulation of the cloth or fabric, and the use of pins and a pair of scissors, giving it a geometrical shape and a fluid and distinct design.  Moulage enables a piece of clothing to be created directly on the mannequin, without the standardized imitations of pattern-cutting.  Therefore, the pattern is not constructed from a flat two-dimensional figure, but is built through a three-dimensional perspective.

This means we can work with our first idea for a creation straightaway, before deciding how to move forward with it.  All this work is done through the use of a canvas, pins, folds, workmanship, forms, draping, and a lot of creativity!

By creating the pattern directly onto the mannequin we can oversee its style and fit at every moment, and therefore adapt these according to our needs. The results will be brand new patterns, cuts and lines, which will give life to a new three-dimensional prototype.

Danilo Attardi’s Moulage courses

This practical course aims to provide all the basic technical skills necessary to allow interested participants to develop a fashion project on their own.  The course is targeted at students, stylists, pattern-cutters, seamstresses, fashion industry professionals and graduates of fashion, art and design.  However, it is also open to enthusiasts and beginners who want to learn the technique of Moulage, as it is used in high fashion, for producing a three-dimensional prototype.

It is the young designer and pattern-cutter himself, Danilo Attardi, who teaches this course.  His own interest and passion for fashion was created and nurtured in his mother’s boutique. He attended an academy of fashion and costume in Rome, participating in the international high fashion showcase, “AltaRoma”.  In addition to creating his designer fashion pieces, he works freelance, collaborating with other companies in the industry and with showbiz personalities.  He is currently developing his second line, the “ADverso”, a project for creating designs for urban spaces.